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MVA Amends Original Complaint
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 00:00

On March 13, 2012, we amended our original Complaint in order to add stunning new information we became aware of in the past few days.

Specifically, we learned what happened in Harris, Minnesota, a town of about 1,100 located 50 miles north of St. Paul on U.S. I35.

On election day, 2006, approximately ten persons entered the polling place, filling out election day voter registration forms all of which used the same home address, that of a laundromat less than one block from the voting place.

What happened next is the really important event.

When several election judges contacted the County Auditor to see if anything could be done to stop what they believed was the imminent casting of ballots by persons who did not reside in the precinct, they were told there was no process available for preventing the suspect votes from being irretrievably counted.

And that nicely illustrates the problem described in Count II of the Complaint which asserts that Minnesota's current election day registration procedures deny eligible voters any process for challenging the ballots of other persons.

In short, the Complaint asks the Court to order the State to secure the U.S. Constitutional right of every voter to a "due process" for protecting his or her right to vote. That is, the State must provide a procedure for interrupting the counting of "laundromat" ballots until it can be determined affirmatively that the persons casting those ballots are eligible to vote in the precinct in which they are registering.

Click here to view the Amended Complaint in which we have highlighted the additional plaintiffs and defendants, as well as the description of those amazing events on election day 2006



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