Voter Fraud Data and Videos

There are many close elections in Minnesota.

It is very important the legislature create a balanced policy that guarantees people the opportunity to vote, while at the same time, guaranteeing that their eligibility is verified.

In the recent past, we saw many close elections, for example:

- a U. S. Senate race decided by just  312 votes;

- Seven House and Senate races decided by a 50 votes or less;

- a school board race decided by  one vote;

- school referendum in Washington County decided by just  four votes;

- a mayoral election that ended up  in a tie and was decided by a coin flip.

A recent authoritative and compelling study by the American Academy of Political and Social Science shows that  7 in 10 felons register democrat.

" A new study of how criminals vote found that most convicts register Democratic, a key reason in why liberal lawmakers and governors are eager for them to get back into the voting booth after their release. “Democrats would benefit from additional ex-felon participation,” said the authoritative study in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science." Click here to read the rest of the study 

Powerful Videos

Vulnerable adults exploited and told who to vote for by Democrats in Crow Wing County, Minnesota.

Registering Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to vote in Minnesota

MN Secretary of State says Minnesota checks eligibility against 8 different databases, but he IGNORES the fact that 500,000 same day registrants are not checked until months after the election.