MVA's Election Lawsuit in the MN Supreme Court!

MVA election lawsuit heard before MN Supreme Court

Minnesota Voters Alliance’s (MVA) election lawsuit against two of Minnesota’s most populated counties (Ramsey and Olmsted) was heard before the Minnesota Supreme Court last Tuesday, January 4. Below is a brief clip of MVA counsel, Gregory Joseph, addressing the court in his opening statement:

Opening remarks

Free and fair elections in Minnesota are at stake in this landmark lawsuit.
A Co-Plaintiff in the case is the Minnesota Republican Party. MN GOP Chairman David Hahn said after the hearing “This case is about ensuring that county and local governments are following the law with respect to election judges and absentee ballot boards. State law clearly provides for our major political parties – both Republicans and Democrats – to help recruit and staff election judges for polling places and absentee ballot boards. The local governments in this case chose not to follow these provisions in our state law, and we are asking the court to put a stop to that.”

While this case involves just two counties, there are hundreds of cities, counties, and school districts across Minnesota ignoring the requirements in state election law to maintain party balance on their absentee ballot boards. The consequences of this have been two-fold: 1) Republican election judges have been shut out from accepting/rejecting absentee ballots; and 2) The rejection rate of illegitimate absentee ballots fell to a historic low in the 2020 election, meaning tens of thousands of illegitimate ballots were likely accepted in Minnesota because of the lack of bi-partisan oversight.

An opinion by the MN Supreme Court is hopefully expected soon, although rulings can take up to 3-5 months. While MVA remains optimistic of the outcome we are preparing for next steps aimed at communicating with local election officials about party balance requirements on absentee ballot boards. MVA will keep you informed on all developments in this case as well as future litigation coming soon.


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